“The astonishing ensemble Les Femmes, these three ladies I met at the festival Music on the Heights in Zakopane, they have some crazy ideas, where crazy stands for extraordinary and unusual. (…) And today I would like to thank the Les Femmes for this unusual morning meeting at the microphones!”

“You’re divinely insane and let it stay that way. Family-loving and brave. One might fall in artistic love head over heels, while experiencing that blazing and striking swoon”.

“You exude a great joy and talent during the performance. It was a spiritual feast. I can’t wait for more!”

“Artists who I admire not only for their art, but also for how skilfully they combine it with family life. Beautiful, young, intelligent, with the best education and musical erudition, and gifted with celestial voices. As if that was not enough, they support music, not necessarily classical (a bit further from the field of their expertise). Ladies and gentlemen, please do enjoy! Voila Les Femmes!”

“The idea for the performance proposed by the Les Femmes, one which tells stories of women through some rare or rarely heard these days repertoire, turned out to be quite a success”.

“Les Femmes, as the name implies, are a team of beautiful and sophisticated women! Working with them is like endless fireworks of smiles, jokes, flavours, style, talent, pretty clothes, and clear sounds! Their interpretation of the musical material is absolutely unique, and it surprises with its lightness, although this music is not simple. The timbres of their voices together create rich sounding chords. Shortly speaking: “Mesdames! I am looking forward for their next cooperation!”

“The diverse repertoire of the Les Femmes, representing both the sacred and profane, beautiful and by all means refined interpretations of musical works, and – last but not least – the well-thought-out and suggestively presented on stage vocal creation which undoubtedly gives the ensemble its artistic charism and makes this idea one of a kind and unique”.

“The repertoire of In a small cinema presents the top favourite songs of Joanna, Natalia, and Emilia, and for me it is definitely my favourite musical journey offered by the Les Femmes. …be careful, you risk falling head over heels”.

“Les Femmes are known for their innovative approach to classical music. In an intimate line-up, they successfully recreate an ambitious repertoire from great scenes, enhancing the musical effect with acting, set design and beautiful costumes. The combination of music, theatre and high performance artistry is pleasant to the ear, remembered by the audience for a long time, and leaves a lot of positive emotions. The audience becomes convinced of the aesthetics of “classical” music, contrary to popular belief that it is a boring and missing the connection to reality entertainment for the elite”.

The ensemble Les Femmes is phenomenal. (…) The album In a small cinema is very good. I like it, I listen to it with pleasure…

We are

an independent classical music ensemble from the Tri-City in Poland. We have been on stage since 2011. We cooperate with pianists, chamber and jazz ensembles, and orchestras on a daily basis.

We put on

original opera performances, staged concerts, and thematic recitals. We have staged over 400 artistic events so far.

Our goal

is to play the best music, to be close to our audience, and to have fun on stage.





Krajewska – Kitowska



Sobowiec – Jamioł


Performances and Concerts

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